About the artist

Ana Torrejon is a Brazilian artist currently living and working in Nottingham.

In 2013 she came to the UK hoping to fulfill her goal of studying arts in a place that challenged her daily. However, she never expected to enjoy those challenges enough to the point of staying, but five years later, she finds herself enjoying conquering those challenges.

Growing up in Brazil with a father that enjoyed technology and teaching her about it, she had initially planned to work with robotics. Although she always drew her whole life, she never thought of working with it until her mom snuck her in drawing classes when she was 15, without her father knowing. That woke something up inside her, and ever since she couldn’t stop doing artworks.

While at Nottingham Trent University she has found a passion for obsolete technology, especially with slide projectors. They created the same level of fascination that she had when learning about different pieces of technology from her father.

Growing up she never had much family around, although she heard so many different stories of them from her parents. She started living through those memories and imagining her own family based on them. In 2014 her mother had a stroke, and she feared to lose those ‘found’ shared memories. Since then her work has become her attempt at capturing and sharing those with the world and making a worldwide common memory.


Photo by Sara Brighty